這邊看來的,或者你也可以去 Microsoft 網站直接翻整場 CES 2008 keynote 的實況...

影片我就不貼了,直接連過去那個網站看吧,下面我只把聽了半天寫下來的台詞貼著...大致上是按照一般 DVD 字幕或是 CC 的格式寫的。

(2008/1/13 UPDATE: YouTube 上面現在也有直接從微軟轉播存檔剪出來的片段了,下面放這個片段)

-Brian Willams, MSNBC Anchor-

It is a day the industry never thought (it) would come.
Join us all day, as we report
on Bill Gates' last full day at Microsoft.

(6:00 AM, the last day)

-Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive Officer-

It's been on the planning,
for the last two years.
He'll still be acting as chairman,
it's hard to believe, it's really here.

Yeah I think Bill is ready for
his last day, he's worked pretty hard,
saved a little bit.
He is, COMPLETELY, focused.

-Christine White, Executive Assistant-

I mean, Bill's been going all out
for more than 30 years,
so not having a complete full schedule everyday,
has been a little, well, interesting...

(Bill Gates playing Star Wars figures)

"Never doubt the magic of software~~~"
"That's right, listen to Chewbacca"

-Lisa Brummell, Senior VP, Human Resources-

You know, after all these years,
he's finally taking work-life balance seriously.
He's even got a personal trainer!

(in the gym, with Matthew McConaughey)

Alright. That's good, one in a row.


I've need keep this up because
I gonna get this aside(?).
Man, I got next in your own.(?)

That's good for the set, man.
You wanna let it go or you wanna keep going?

Well am I ready to take my shirt off?

Uhm, not yet...

Put yourself going back,
lean a little forward,
just think HI, H-I, to the sky...
you and I...right now.

-Robbie Bach, President, Entertainment & Device Division-

Yeah, Bill's always been a bit of him.
But more importantly it's the creator risk
he takes that really set him apart.

(in the studio, with Jay-Z)

Big-pin-pan~I'm Bill G. Big pin-pen yeah you know me.

That's it. You got it. Killing, Billy G.

Hey, let me, let me get something straight
with you. You can retire and then, unretire?

Exactly. Got keep'em guessing.

Thanks Jay.

That was great...not so much. (?)...I don't,
somebody gotta tell him, it's horrible.

(back in the stage, Bono)

Thank you...just take that.
Hello Bill? Yeah, yeah,
Bill I'm a little busy here...

(in the studio, Gates playing)

Dude, wasn't that the craziest riff you've ever heard?

(back in the stage, Bono)

Oh for a F*** sake, Bill we've uhm,
we've talked about this before,
uhm, we're full of in the band.
Bill? all positions were filled,
uh-huh-huh, I know, I know,
but I can't just replace Ed because
he's got a high score on guitar hero(i.e. XBOX360's new game), Bill.

(in a room, Bono)

Well him, uhm, Bill's always had a passion
for music, and as long as it's not MY music,
I'm fine with that.

(Gates riffing in behind)

-Christine White, Executive Assistant-

Bill's always been a big fan of movies,
but he's probably gone a bit too far with
this whole "audition reel" thing...

(Gates playing Wolverine)

Who are you expecting? Superman?

(watching audition reel, Steven Spielberg)

Bill...what money CAN'T buy...ah....

(on the phone, Steven Spielberg)

Yeah I just watched it...yeah look,
we all know it's about casting anyway right?

(on the phone, George Clooney)

I know, Steven I can't...it's just...
I can't play Bill Gates.
It's...uh, it's just not something that I'm good at.
I want you...Russel Crowe to do it,
he's gonna be...uh, you did?
Yeah, I thought Tom Hanks maybe...you would...
passed on that one too?

(Gates on the phone)

Hey, I was thinking of last time I on the show.
I thought it was really successful.

(in his office, Jon Stewart, comedian, host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show)

Yeah I know, you're great on the show man,
we loved it. It was...although...you know.
You just kind of run off in the end,
like that I have...monkeypox.


"Windows Vista on shelf...ah he's leaving? He just left!"

(in his office, Jon Stewart)

If you wanna come back on the show,
it's fine...it's uh, you know, we...

(Gates on the phone)

Maybe we can make sort of a regular thing
like, you me, the news?

(in his office, Jon Stewart)

The co-anchor kind of a...situation,
it's...it's a great idea,
I gotta tell ya it's a...it's a great idea.
It's uh, the only thing is, I'm on my jet right now,
and they...I'm worried the phone will...
they have to turn it off or it will throw off the navigation system...

-Kevin Turner, Chief Operationg Officer-

And you didn't hear this from me,
it's a pretty strange coincidence that
his transition day is right in the middle
of the 2008 presidential campaign...

(screen shows an e-mail sending to all presidential candidates,
starting with "Who needs a running mate?? :-)",
main text: Hey everybody! Just a quick note
to let you know that I've got a little extra
free time coming up on '08, and thought maybe.....
--I could jump on board! I'm pretty good at making speeches,
and can help with all the blogging thing.....
know what you think!! Bill G.)

(Gates on the phone)

I know you're super-busy,
but I'm sure you starting
think about who'd be your best running mate?

(on cell phone, Hillary Clinton)

No, I know I haven't actually declared
a running mate yet Bill but,
I'm not sure politics is really for you.

(Gates on the phone)

Hey...it's bill.

(on cell phone, Barack Obama)

Bill Shatner(i.e. William Shatner, as Captain Kirk), of Star Trek?

(Gates on the phone)

No, the OTHER Bill.

(on cell phone, Barack Obama)

Bill Clinton?

(on the phone, Al Gore)

Oh hey Bill...no, it's not an INCONVENIENT time...
yeah, I get IT, yeah. THAT was a good one.

-Ray Ozzie, Chief Software Architect-

Of course we'll miss him in the daily
brainstorming meetings, he's always being innovator,
really inspiring all of us to think creatively about the future.
And we'll be the first to give credit or creditors to.

-Craig Mundie, Chief Research & Strategy Officer-

Absolutely, Microsoft Bob? His Idea, all his.

(6:00 PM, the last day)

(clapping twice, lights off)

-Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive Officer-

Like I said, we've been planning for this.
But he's still Bill, and we'll miss seeing him
in the hallway. Everyday.
Hey buddy, see you tomorrow at the boards' meeting.

(Gates puts on the sun glasses used in 2003 Comdex "the matrix" video spoof)

-Brian Williams, MSNBC anchor-

And all tech markets remain steady as Bill Gates
completed historical last full day at Microsoft,
personal note, all of us here at NBC news
will miss reporting every night on this brilliant,
powerful, let's face it sexy and good-looking leader of men and women,
who just doesn't believe in paying more than 7 dollars for a haircut.
I'm Brian Williams in New York, good night.




下面是他在 PDC 2005 的時候演的一段 Napoleon Dynamite 的 video spoof...請注意!比爾大叔在這個短片裡面的穿著、臺詞、語氣與真正 Napoleon Dynamite 電影中角色之相似性(大笑)

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