I almost forgot how this tune sounds,
and even forgot its existence in the past few years.

What had happened to me? I don't know.
But surely, something do come back after I heard
this song again in the album I bought with blindness the day before.

The album entitled,
"The Cranberries, Bury the Hatchet (The Complete Sessions 1998-1999)"

This album happens to be one disc from the complete session box named
"Treasure Box: Complete Sessions 1991-1999",
which seems to have been released in year 2000,
the one year after I stopped keeping on with the pop music market.

Anywayz, what I wish to say here is that this song,
"Dying in the Sun"(or maybe this whole album), do called something
sleeping deep in my heart back.

This is the first time that I followed carefully with Dolores' voice,
the lyrics seemed so familiar to me right now,
while the tunes were to the me before this time.

Maybe it's mari, the sweetest memories I ought to have till now.
All the past days we have had together,
your smile, your scent, your voice that molded me to the current face.
The one that made me this fragile and sensitive, the one that called something back.

The song goes like this:

Do you remember
The things we used to say?
I feel so nervous
When I think of yesterday
How could I let things
Get to me so bad?
How did I let things get to me?

Like dying in the sun x4
Like dying x2

Will you hold on to me
I am feeling trail
Will you hold on to me
We will never fail
I wanted to be so perfect you see
I wanted to be so perfect

Like dying in the sun x4
Like dying x2
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